I work as a Animal Warden. Bulldogs are my hobby and not my
living. Puppies and adults are available occassionaly to select homes. All
my dogs are raised under foot in a family with 4 kids. My dogs don't do
well as a chain dog or a dog kenneled away from the family. If you keep
you dogs in this manner there are plenty of other breeders more then
happy to take your money.

I've been developing my Gargoyle line of Renascence Bulldogges for
the last 14yrs (I started in 1990). At one time I was a American Bulldog
breeder. I took the best American bulldogs I had at the time to use as one
of the foundation breeds for my Gargoyle line of Renascence
Bulldogges. I had American Bulldogs down out of Sure-Grip's Freddy
Krueger, Kennedy's Epitome, JDJ's Rebel Rouser III & a few others.
These dogs were crossed with 4 other bullbreeds to create the foundation
gene pool for my Gargoyle bloodline. After my 1st few generations of
mixed breed crosses I took the dogs from these breedings that exibited
the physical, temperament, health traits I desired in my Gargoyle line &
developed a line & inbreeding program off of them to seed these traits
into my bloodline. 14 years later dogs like Omen & many others on my
web site show the fruits of my labor (a labor of love....lol).

The 5 foundation breeds used to create my Gargoyle line of
Renascence Bulldogges are...

1) American Bulldog
2) Hermes Bulldogge
3) English Bulldog
4) Bullmastiff
5) Bandogge (Old Family Red Nosed Pitbull/English Mastiff cross)

The name "Renascence" (not to be confused with the word
"Renaissance") means "rebirth". This name is fitting I believe because my
Renascence Bulldogges are supposed to be a recreation or "rebirth" of
the larger more physically functional athletic Bulldogge that existed
from about 1820-1900.

I started Renascence Bulldogge Kennel Club (RBKC) with Jody
Willingham when we both had became frustrated at the total lack of
uniformity and consistency between the modern alternative bulldogge
recreations currently being produced and labeled with various registries
under the "catch all" name of Olde English Bulldogge. Dogs being
labeled under this catch all term can range from the "original" Leavitt
OEB's to a large longer muzzled mastiff type dog to that of a bigger
version of the modern English Bulldog to combinations of every thing in
between. Unfortunately this is the case because many of the Bulldogge
registries out there are willing to register ANYTHING as a bulldogge.

Because of the vast physical and health differences between the dogs
being labeled under the catch all term of Olde English Bulldogge and the
confusion it creates, I assembled a dedicated group of breeders with
established bloodlines who's breeding program's were all aimed at
producing the same style of "high drive athletic working Bulldogge" to
be the core breeding foundation of the Renascence Bulldogge breed.
This group devised a breed standard and a registry to help promote,
maintain and improve the athletic functional bulldogges they were
creating between them.

The name Renascence Bulldogge was picked out and Trademarked to
represent the style of alternative bulldog the RBKC is seeking to
promote and reproduce to protect the interests of those involved with it.
This was done to prevent other people and other registries from attaching
and wrongfully applying the RB name to their bulldogges and bullbreed
crosses to help the RBKC to maintain future integrity in the RB breed.

"Mating dogs is not breeding. It is the reproduction of dogs. A breeder
should be seeking to mate the right dogs in the right way so that he
produces the ideal (or as close to it as possible) in his kennels. That is
the only feasible if the breeder knows what the ideal is.

Malcom B. Willis, BSc, PhD in The basic Tool Kit for Responsible Breeders

Source: www.vetmed.ucdavis.edu/gdc/gdc.htm
The United Bulldogge Association also known as the U.B.A. is
for people who are looking for a informative possative resource
on bulldogges dedicated to issues concerning the betterment of
the breed. There is no better resource for bulldogge information
online in my opinion. All are welcome to check out the U.B.A.
information board by Clicking on the picture of the U.B.A. logo

The Renascence Bulldogge Kennel Club is a registry dedicated to
promoting, preserving & improving the Renascence Bulldogge.
More information about it can be found at the link.
Chadde JoliCoeur's Gargoyle Bloodline